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Ministry, Discipleship, and Evangelism in the Digital Age
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Social Media | Evangelism | Spiritual Formation | Content Creation

Fleeing and Flourishing on the Internet

Patrick Miller|September 6th, 2023|5 min. read

Social Media | Spiritual Formation

Social Media Is a Spiritual Distortion Zone

Ian Harber|August 11th, 2023|5 min. read

Technology | Spiritual Formation

The Apple Vision Wager

Ian Harber|June 8th, 2023|4 min. read

Media Literacy

Christianity Today Didn't Create the Celebrity Newsroom Machine, But It's Part of It

Patrick Miller|February 9th, 2023|9 min. read

Artificial Intelligence | Data and Ministry | Spiritual Formation | Content Creation

My AI Spiritual Director

Ian Harber and Patrick Miller|December 15th, 2022|9 min. read

Video Games

The Case for Taking Video Games Seriously

Patrick Miller|December 12th, 2022|7 min. read

Social Media | Spiritual Formation | Creator

How to Gain an Audience and Lose Your Soul

Patrick Miller|December 12th, 2022|6 min. read

Social Media | Church | Strategy

4 social media shifts the church should know about

Ian Harber|December 7th, 2022|7 min. read

Deconstruction | Social Media | Spiritual Formation

Deconstructing in the Digital Age

Ian Harber|November 16th, 2022|6 min. read

Artificial Intelligence | Church | Spiritual Formation

Holographic Spurgeons and AI Sermons

Patrick Miller|October 31st, 2022|4 min. read

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